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I am honored you are here! I am excited to share this next chapter of my journey with you! Please join me for a powerful fusion of trauma-informed breathwork facilitation, Licensed Professional Mental Health Counseling, and Connection Wellness coaching. 

Reconnect with the YOU that you are meant to be!

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This is me:

Hey there! I am Whitney Hughes, she/her. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Mental Health and Emotional Wellness Connection Coach as well as a Trauma-Informed Certified Pause Breathwork Facilitator.

Some of the most important elements of my work are CONNECTION, SAFETY, and INCLUSIVITY. 

Throughout my journey, I have learned that when I connect with myself, I am able to deepen my connection with others and the world in which we live. When we connect inward, to ourselves, we connect to our intuition, that part of ourselves that creates clarity, peace, and alignment in our daily lives.

As humanBEINGS, we are wired for connection. When we lose sight of this connection, our lives can get messy. In order to connect, we must first feel safe, seen, heard, and held. 

My personal mission is to connect with you, to help you connect with your truest self, and to create a safe space for you to share your story. I am here to encourage, listen, witness and support you. 

My continued journey has taught me that we, that YOU, already have the power to shift your world, and sometimes we need someone who we can open up to and trust to help us see the light that is already within.


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Whitney and her restorative breathwork are transformative. It’s hard to describe the power of one short hour. Whitney taps into my core needs and creates a safe space to allow breathwork to naturally allow my body to feel balanced, grounded, and whole.


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